PowerShell SnippetRace 02/2020

New-Logo DRAFT, Invoke-Command, Hyper-V Homelab, weak passwords, Parameter-Binding, SPAM Filter in O365

We meanwhile have the first draft of a new logo and are working on the new theme for this website. Next week, the site is under construction for a few days, but should be online soon shinier than ever.


This quarters trainings are as below.


Invoke-Command mit different Credentials

When connecting to remote computers, you sometimes may need to use differnet credentials for Invoke-Command. Mike Kanakos shows you how this works: Link

Build a Hyper-V HomeLab with AutomatedLab

Everyone who is tierd of installing Demo and Test environments manually uses AutoMated Lab or should use it. Anthony Howells blog-article gives you a nice insight on how to start and be successfull with Automated Lab: Link

Find Weak Passwords in Active Directory

Weak Passwords are a critical risk in domain environments. Adam Bertram shows you how multiple possibilities to find weak password: Link

Understand Parameter Binding in the Pipeline

We all use it every day, but only a few of us understand it – the PowerShell PIPELINE. Graham Beer explains in detail how this wonderful concept works: Link

Configure Spam Filter in Office 365 with PowerShell

All the power of Office365 is wonderful, still sometimes we want a little control. Read this blog to understand how to control the SPAM Filter with PowerShell: Link

This was the first 2020 decade blog in english – more to follow in a new layout. R.