PowerShell SnippetRace 04-2020

Break, Continue, Return, Exit, Active Directory Module, Windows 10, Foreach , SendGrid


This quarters trainings are as below.



Break, Continue, Return, Exit in PowerShell

Manoj Sahoo wrote a really detailed article about those topics. Take some time to read and understand. Link

Updating Active Directory Module in Windows 10

RSAT and the Active Directory module are a great way to manage AD from your Workstation. Max Trinidad shows you how to update it. Link

The Foreach loop explained

One of the first big time-savers for many PowerShellers is the first use of the foreach loop. Do somethig on 10, 100, 1000 objects. GREAT ! To really understand the foreach loop and all its options, invest 10 Minutes and read this blog. Link

PowerShell E-Mails with SendGrid

SendGrid offers E-Mail sending and an API to automate it. Barbara Forbes wrote an article how to use it. Link

So far so good. An Austrian won the Kitzbühel downhill race so all is save for today 🙂

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