PowerShell SnippetRace 06-2020

Spongebobify, Wallpaper, Update Settings, Az Modules, PS-Coding for Kids


This quarters trainings are as below. (Einsteigerworkshop changed !!)



SpOnEgBoBiFy YoUr TeXt

LeTs AsSuMe YoU aRe A sPoNgEbOb FaN aNd WaNt To HaVe SoMe TeXt LoOk LiKe BeEiNg FrOm ThE sPoNgEbOb SeRiEs. tRy ThIs ScRiPt To MaKe It HaPpEn. Link

Sync your Wallpaper to the Spotlight logon screen

Since Windows 10, Microsoft included the Spotlight feature, which uses Images from Bing to show them as lockscreens. The script in the link updates your wallpaper to have the same picture as your desktop background. Link

Get Windows Update Settings from Windows 10 registry

This powershell script collects Windows Update related settings for Windows 10 from the registry. This includes configuring automatic updates, Windows Update for Business local and policy settings, WSUS client settings, and ConfigMgr client potential. Link

Az Modules

If you have to deal with keeping Azure Modules on your PC, this one is worth a read. Link

PS-Coding for Kids

Read this nice reddit post of somebody who teaches his kids coding with simple games. Link

Happy week ! Roman

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