PowerShell SnippetRace 11-2021

AD Reporting, HTML Reporting, SecretStore, Crescendo, EXE


  • PowerShell User Group Austria – Update Q2/2021 will happen as a virtual event May 11 17:00. More Infos will follow soon.

Trainings (in chronoligical order)


Before we start with PowerShell topics, a personal update: I did recover from COVID-19. I had luckily one of this easy courses of disease, but here is my advise: Dont underestimate it. It is no fun at all.

AD and HTML Reporting

Active Directory is such an essential database for most organisations, knowing whats going on inside is critical every day. Good that we just had a new blog-post by Jeffrey Hicks on AD-Reporting and and at the same time on by Przemyslaw Klys about HTML Reporting.

SecretStore Release Candidate 3

The whole SecretsManagement thing gets even easier, because beginning with RC3, sou can create and configure a secret store non-interactively. Read the full story by Sydney.

PowerShell Cresendo – Connect-RemoteComputer example

PowerShell Crescendo is one of those new modules of the PowerShell Team which gets high attention and moves forward, but less people blog about it. Luckily Tommy Maynard is one of thos people who does blog, here is his post with a nice example.

PS1 to EXE

Ever wrote something in PowerShell which is so good, you even ant to give ot away as exe ? Read this blog on the 7 ways to create exe´s from your PS Scripts

Stay healthy and have fun reading and trying.


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