PowerShell SnippetRace 15-2021

PS1->EXE, replace, speech, process detection


  • PowerShell User Group Austria Meeting – Q2/2021
    This will happen as a virtual event May 11 17:00. We will focus on 3 topics:
    Overview of PowerShell and PowerShell tooling
    – SecretsManagement Module explained
    – PowerShell Crescendo by Tommy Maynard (US)

    See all the details in the link.

Trainings (in chronoligical order)


PS1 to EXE – all the facts

Exe files have some advantages over PS1´s, so sometimes you want to make your scripting work convert to an executable file. Read Arman Castillotes blog post on current options.

Text replacement in Powershell

Logfiles, CSV´s, output of shell-commands, all this is mostly based on text. Sometimes you need to larger replacement work. Read Adam Bertrams blog on best practices on text-replacement.

Text to Speech

Tommy Maynard, our gest at the User-Group meeting Max 11, wrote another inteesting article i´d like to mention here which is Text-to-speech conversion with PowerShell. So if you want to make your PowerShell solutions to talk with you read this blog.

Process detection tool

PS 5.1, PS 7 PS 7 preview, the number of open PowerShell prompts raises and makes our live more complex. Jeffrey Hicks wrote a tool to figure out current running PS-processes. Check out this blogpost.

Hope you found something interesting – Roman

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

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