PowerShell SnippetRace 24/25 (Summer edition)

Trim, REST, Update, AzureAD


  • ARM vs. PSARM – Toolsbattle to manage your Cloud-Resources
    July 22nd, we will discuss and demo the difference between Azure Resource Manager and the new PowerShell ARM Module. Join us to get an overview on whats best for you.
  • Expertslive Konferenz 3. September
    Full Day event with all around Azure, OnPrem and M365, stay tuned on www.expertslive.at


Trim Strings (again and again and again)

String manipulation is something you need from time to time, and THEN, you dont know how it works. Read Patricks Blog on String manipulation.

Use REST-API with PowerShell

REST-API´s are everywhere, so using them with PowerShell makes sense. Read Ryan Kowalewskis article on PowerShell and REST, to learn all the secrets.

Update PowerShell 7.2 with Update preview

The goal is near, Powershell may be updated soon by Windows Update. Read the blog of the PowerShell team to learn about how to Update PS with Windows Update.

Azure AD with MS Graph PowerShell SDK

AzureAD will sooner or later replace Active Directory, so it makes sense to deal with it as early as possible. Read the article on AzureAD and the PowerShell SDK with Microsoft Graph.

Happy summer ! R.

Photo by David Lezcano on Unsplash

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