PowerShell SnippetRace 30-2020

Secrets, beatiful code, pwsh in Kali, provider


We are working on a new schedule for Q4/2020 for trainings.


Secrets Management

Still using Import-CliXml to retrieve secrets? Read this blog-post for an overview to the new SecretManagement Module to store sectets. Link

Write Beautiful Code

Reading PowerShell is sometimes as difficult as writing PowerShell. Some hints to write beautiful code are here. Link

Using pwsh for penetration testing in Kali

PowerShell is a part of Kali since a while. Read this article for some practical guidance to do penetration testing with it. Link

Discovering provider specific commands

Providers are one of those concepts in PowerShell which makes it such a great language. Read this article to understand provider specific commands. Link

Hints for Jupyter Notebooks

Writing text and functional code in one page – thats Jupyter ! Get familiar with it and create great jupyter notebooks by reading this article. Link

Have a good week ! R.

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