PowerShell SnippetRace 47-2020

Mass-modify CSV, PS 7.2 Preview, Format and Type data, Document Print Servers


Expertslive Konferenz 8. Jänner 2021

Mass-modify CSV data

The CSV still the least common denominator when exchanging data between systems, needs often some massaging befor you can load them to the target system. Read this reddit post to see on how to transform 123 to 000123 on a mass change in your CSV.

Format and Type data

Display output runs automatically in Powershell and it fits most of the time. Read this post to look behind the formatting system of PowerShell to create your own formatting.

Documenting Print Servers

For those of you working in a larger company, print servers may be something you need to document – or at least have an overview. Read this blog post to get a out-of-the-box solution.

PowerShell 7.2 preview

The trip continues, 7.1 is out a few days a go and 7.2 gets into preview. Read the info on Github for details.

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