New decade – new everything on the blog!

Happy new year to everyone. The PowerShell Usergroup Austria Blog is online since around May 2016 and extends its reach continuously. We provide our weekly Newsletter „Schnipseljagd“, some blog technical entries over the year and a continous training offering.

Now that we are online more than 3 years and a new decade begins right now, we also refresh this website and some elements related to it. The news are:

  • New layout beginning End of January 2020.
    We are actively selecting a new WordPress Layout which will better fulfill our needs and provide a better user experience for you.
  • New Logo: With the change of WIndows Powershell to PowerShell Core/7, the PowerShell Teams also changed colors and introduced a new avatar. We will follow this path and work on a new logo with a professional graphics designer.
  • All english: Untilk now we had a mixed content with some blog entries in german (Newsletter) and some in english. Even if the website will stay in german, all blog-posts are in english from now on.
  • Schnipseljagd gets snippet-race: The use of the german artificial word „Schnipseljagd“ makes no sense in an international english Newsletter, so its going to be recalled as snippet-race from now on.

So watch our for the changes and stay withus.


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