PowerShell SnippetRace 03/2020

PS 7-RC2, Braces, Background Jobs, Pipeline Chain, What is NuGet?, PDF create/merge/split. ***


This quarters trainings are as below.


PowerShell 7 – Release Candidate 2 is out

The RC2release is mainly a bug-fixing and cleanup release, so there are no new features. In one month, PS7 will be GA. If you are interested in testing or knowing the updates click on the link. Link

The power of knowing what braces do in PowerShell

{}[] (), all these braces have different meanings in PowerShell. Patrick Gruenauer wrote an article, explaining them in a 5 minutes read. Link

Background Jobs in PowerShell 7

Long-running tasks should be run as jobs, so the shell isnt blocked until the task is finished. Thomas lee showed Jobs un PowerShell 7. Link

Pipeline Chain Operators

One of the new and interesting features of PowerShell 7 are pipeline chain operators like || and &&. A nice explanaition can be found here. Link

What is NuGet

NuGet is the basis for .NET package management and therefore also the foundation of PowerShellGet. It may be useful to understand it, so whatch this video. Link

Create, merge and split PDF´s with PowerShell

Evotec has a PS Module to deal with those things, so if you need to do i.e. PDF reports read this post. Link

The new Layout of the Usergroup is online and still gets optimized, hope you like it. Regards/Roman

Photo by Ethan Hoover on Unsplash

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