PowerShell SnippetRace 05-2020

Calendar, WSL2, BusinessDays, Exchange Audit, Hashtable to CSV


This quarters trainings are as below.



Show a Calendar in your PS7 Terminal

Jeffrey Hicks shows a nice article on how to display a calendar in your Powershell Terminal constantly via a modufication of the Profile. I tested this on PS7 with Windows Terminal and it worked out great . Link

Tune your machine to run Windows Subsystem for Linux v2

As most people probably spend their PowerShell-life managing Windows systems, your local WSL installation – if it even exists – might still be version v1. Maximo Trinidad shows you some insights on how to upgrade, the relevant prerequisites and possible benefits of WSL2. Link

Calculate Business Days between 2 dates

The Get-Date Commandlet offers great possibilities to deal with date and time. This script calculates the buiness days (excludes Saturday and Sundays) between 2 dates. It worked instantly on my machine with PS7. Link

Office365 – Add Mailboxes and Users

My friend Patrick Grünauer (sid-500.com) posted an article on user-creation. Try this one ! Link

GUI Utility to generate Exchange Mailbox audit reports

Exchange Mailboxes are everyones critical asset – what would we be without our E-Mail ? This little utility generates a report for mailboxes. Link

Hashtable to CSV and back v2

Tommy Maynard revised an article about this topic recently, because it is so popular. Always worth a read… Link

Have a nice week – Roman

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