PowerShell SnippetRace 07-2020

Stickers, Windows Terminal, Exchange EDB, Update JSOn properties


This quarters trainings are as below. (Einsteigerworkshop changed !!)




We have new PowerShell UserGroup Austria Stickers (See Blog-Pichture). If you want some, join next Trainings or Events.

Windows Terminal Preview 0.9 is available

It was love at first sight. After years of cmd.exe, putty, ISE and native Powershell.exe, it seems we will have a new favorite comandline environment soon. Windows Terminal grows to maturity and is in version 0.9 already. Read the 0.9 Releae Blog for the latest and greatest features. Link

Manage Microsoft Exchange EDB with PowerShell

Local Mail Implementations require Management of the E-Mail Database. Read this article to learn how to manage the EDB with PowerShell. Link

Update JSON propreties – notes from the field

Ravikanth, a PowerShell Magazine founder had some issues with updating JSON properties – and found some smart solutions to it. Worth a read! Link


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