PowerShell SnippetRace 10-2021 (Covid positive edition)

Remove-Covid, Get-Filehash, PropertySet, SSL


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First i have to apologize, there is no Remove-Covid CmdLet. As much as i wish this would exist, it will stay a dream. This part of the blog is about my personal situation – i am infected and have symptoms since tuesday. Guys and girls – believe it or not, thats no fun at all. I hope this ends soon. My personal advise with this experience: DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE COVID !

Get-FileHash – Howto

Making sure a file is in a specified state and didnt change since then is best done via a hash. The Get-Filehash CmdLet will help you here – find out how to use it with Devin Rich.

Property Sets

Still after using PowerShell for more that 5 years, there are so many secrets in for me, its amazing. Go and read this article, and you will also learn more about the extended type system. Thanks to Jeffrey Hicks.

PS Remoting with WinRM over SSL

With PowerShell multi-platform the concept of WinRM as the platform for remoting was dead on a long-term perspective. We still have WinRM and will have it for a long time, but anyway, sneaking into the SSL world makes sense. Read the article of Tyler Muir on how to setup WinRM over SSL.

Stay healthy, wear a facemask the right way and be patient. Lockdowns end. R.

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