PowerShell SnippetRace 13-2021 (Easter Edition)

OhMyGit, PSCommander, AD-Reporting,


  • PowerShell User Group Austria – Update Q2/2021 will happen as a virtual event May 11 17:00. We will focus on 3 topics:
    Overview of PowerShell DevTeams Focus
    SecretsManagement Module explained
    PowerShell Crescendo by Tommy Maynard

Trainings (in chronoligical order)


Learn Git as a game https://ohmygit.org

A lot of people use Git today, either on Github or on any other git-based repository. Git is huge and users need some understanding on its functionality. The website offers a game for Windows, Linux and macOS to learn git – GREAT IDEA !

Control your Desktop with PSCommander (Video)

Adam Driscoll Shows us how to control the desktop with PSCommander. Menu items, calling files and many more options are possible, watch the video and learn.

Active Directory Reporting

Jeffrey Hicks published a new version of his AD Reporting module. Definetely worth a try!

Launch PowerShell into Windows Terminal

Typically we would run either PowerShell or Windows Terminal and then inside PowerShell. Scott Hanselmann shows us how to run PS directly in WT.

Happy easter time, stay save and healty

Photo by Arno Smit on Unsplash

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