PowerShell SnippetRace 28/29 (holiday edition)

Defender, Firewall, Unique, PS-Drives, YAML, JSON


  • ARM vs. PSARM – Toolsbattle to manage your Cloud-Resources
    Post-Event review available here.
  • Expertslive Konferenz 3. September
    Full Day event with all around Azure, OnPrem and M365, stay tuned on www.expertslive.at.
    Call-for-Speakers is open !


PowerShell and Windows Defender Firewall rules

Windows Defender Firewall rules may probably not be your favorite personal firewall, but IF you need to deal with it, there is a way to import rules from an Excel spreadsheet into Defender with PowerShell. Try this !

Reading unique objects

Data comes in various ways and in many cases you have somewhere duplicate objects in it. Read Jeffrey Hicks blog post on the tools you get natively with PowerShell commandlets and benefit from his little extra-work with a pretty „unique“ function he wrote to find really unique objects on larger data-sets.

PS-Drives (also Fileshares with PS)

PS-Drives are underestimated. Read this blog post, try it out and reestablish your love for PS-Drives !

Convert YAML to JSON

YAML is much easier to read, but JSON us so widely accepted. Learn how to convert between them here.


Have fun trying this out and happy summertime !


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