PowerShell SnippetRace 48-2020

Binary CmdLet, File Permissions, Colors, Word-PDF, Windows 10 fine-tuning



Easily create a binary PowerShell Module

Been afraid of touching C# and stuck on script modules ? Read this blog and learn to create your first .NET Module.

Linux, and file system permissions – A Guide for Windows people

If you are a long-termin windows person and have always wondered what „chmod“ does , read this blog and learn about Linux file permissions.

Color up your PowerShell world

PowerShell is your main application for most of the day ? – Read this blog to color up your life.

Convert Word into PDF in bulk

By MVP-buddy Patrick Grünauer wrote an article which shows you exactly what the headline says.

Maintain and cleanup Windows 10

Windows 10 has so many features, its overwhelming. Especially keeping track on things like telemetry data, Universal Apps and other stuff can be time-consuming. Learn about the Sophia-Script which helps you to make this a short task.

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

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