PowerShell SnippetRace 17-2020 (News News News)

#PS7 -preview2, #PowerShellGet 3.0beta, #WindowsTerminal 0.11, Compare JSON


Due to the COV-ID-19 outbreak, trainings will be held online. Contact us for more details.

Automatisieren mit PowerShell leicht gemacht (€ 790): 8.Juni – 9. Juni 2020


PowerShell 7 Launch Event Austria – (7.7.2020) virtual !


In this newsletter we have mainly collected news from the product groups. Enjoy!

PowerShell 7 Preview-2

Beneath the great investments in Powershell 7, like beeing based on .NET 5.0, Stev Lee posted a new write-progress screnshot. Read investments in the Link.

PowerShellGet 3.0 preview1

PowerShellGet is the tool to interact with the PowerShell Gallery. Its initial design had some flaws which the team now works on. Read this to understand the great changes. Link

Windows Terminal 0.11 – Try this one !

Another great release from this dont-miss-it-anymore-product. Be sure to backup your profiles.json file and reintegrate your settings in the new default settings.json. Its structure has changed. Link

Combine two JSON Files

JSON is a great way to store data when processing in scripts. Its easy readable, flexible and cross-platform accepted. Jonahtan Medd write an articla on how to combine 2 JSON files to one. Simle and easy. Link

Saty home, stay save, enjoy the changes we experience with environment and what we can learn from this situation.


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